The McMorrans had a beat-up old chest- of-drawers sitting in their garage and they wanted to restore it. It really wasn’t a nice looking piece. After stripping it also turned out to be made of red gum, a wood which is not available in the Denver Area. Back in the day it was used extensively for furniture. This time I finished it to look like cherry, and replaced the clunky hardware with nice drawer pulls. This project really shows off the value of some old furniture.
Here are some good examples of different period styles. To the left is Arts and Crafts, the two on the bottom are Cottage, and to the right is Colonial. Visit the “Woodshop Buzz” page to better understand all the elements that go into a successful project.
These customers wanted some stand-alone items to accent their new Arts and Crafts bathroom. I made three pieces, towel storage, a magazine rack, and a toilet topper in the shop, which could easily be installed either by me or by the owners.
Dave wanted a set of beds made for his young grandsons to use when they visited. He had made his own drawing of what he wanted. I offered some suggestions and he gave me the go-ahead. The materials used were walnut and maple. The maple spheres were custom made by a company in another state. I used mortise-and-tenon joinery to give it extra strength. The final finish was hand-rubbed Watco Teak Oil. A really fun project.
Jeff’s father carved the horses used on the old merry-go-rounds. When he passed away he left several carvings of unfinished horse’s legs. Jeff asked me if I could clean then up and mount three so that he could give two to his brothers at the next family get-together. I cleaned off the glue but left the carving marks and created display bases for them. The bases are walnut and the legs are a soft, pulpy, easy to carve form of Tulip Wood found in southern swamplands. If you have seen pictures of swamp trees with large swollen bottoms, this is the part of the tree that was used for the carvings. Jeff kindly sent me a note saying that the family was very touched by his gift.
A few examples of Master Carpenter Work
Craftsmanship is a way of Life I chose it because I like to make nice things for people. I know my materials and how to craft a good looking and durable project. I’ve had a great career building high quality remodels. These days I focus on furniture repair and cabinet door repair. I always do quality work! Classes I teach a class for Boulder Valley School District Life Long Learning called “How to Plan and Manage a Remodel Project.” I would recommend it to everyone who wants to have a hand in their home remodel. Class starts Saturday, September 23, at 10am, at Platte Middle School, but registration is required. I look forward to seeing you there. Go to this link to see a class description, and register. 13812 Repair Services The “Repair” tab on the nav bar lists just a few of the repairs and improvements the Master Carpenter can do for you. I truly enjoy furniture repair, and cabinet repair and modifications. It is difficult to find anyone who will pay attention to smaller projects, but I enjoy them. If you have such projects please call me. I’m happy to have a look. I often request that you email pictures. If you are comfortable with that, give me a call and we will exchange emails addresses. Call Me at 720-351-2249 for a meeting.
Marvin had inherited his father’s tobacco chest. It was in sad shape, needing refinishing and rebuilding. I stripped it and discovered that it was made of red gum. I rebuilt it, staining and finishing it to look like walnut. Lastly I applied a gold filligree to the pattern on the door. He also had purchased a toy train at a garage sale. I took it apart and restored it. Marvin’s projects are always a lot of fun.
The Master Carpenter
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